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Is this really where I belong?



May 28th, 2007


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friends only. comment to be added, if a good reason to be. :)

September 26th, 2006


there's still something wrong with my last-fm >:/ maybe it'll update itself later.

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it's not really that red. it's orange. but i edited the picture bwahahahahah. arghf, my teeth are all yellow >(

btw. i rofled yesterday when i foun out that half of girugameshu's song goku is actually in english XDD;

September 16th, 2006


i should clean my room and my toilet. guess if i want to. no.
i washed my bro's windows today. wasn't too bad.
i'm getting the flu o-o

random pikz o-oCollapse )

i don't wanna be in skool. i wanna work. i want money.

September 12th, 2006

(no subject)

hello life you suck. plz. i wanna rewind my life and be 12 years old again. and then i wanna be 15. and then a bitch and then die. okay, nu but yeah.

okay, that was stupid and unneccecary and i didn't mean it and now imma go on with this shit.

my younger brother is very annoying. he's 13 and from finland so he talks only about pussys, dicks, asses and sex. in every fucking sentence. it's annoying! uh, yeah, i'm not better myself, am i? XDD
yeah andddddddddd. the real reason for my post:

this day was so fucking random XDD everyone was going crazy and random and more crazy XD (at skool, duh) we were smashing doors and i don't know XD but it was crazy. and i died. and my neck is dead lol. and fuck that dude he's going crazy over me again o-o not to mention the switzeries
i have such bad english language skillz. and i don't care, haha.

and omfg i hate rap. i've never ever hated it this much o-o
and i know a dude that has uglier pants than miyavi XDDDD

"de ba kakkamakka"
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